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Hwāri Raya Basket

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Available for delivery starting from 18th April.

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Pleasing to the eyes and satisfying for your sweet tooth, our Hwāri Raya gift basket complete with festive blooms and aromatic Pandan Gula Melaka cookies by Chirpycakes is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Adorned with a mix of vibrant Dancing Lady Orchids, pastel Anthuriums and Roses and a complementing pot of ombré pink Phalaenopsis Orchid plant. The cherry on top is a hidden tub of light and buttery treats; they're so good, one bite won't be enough. By its side, a specially curated selection of scented candles that will remind you the joys of this once in a year celebration.

Hwāri Raya gift basket includes:
- 1 x Ombré Pink Potted Phaelonopsis
- 1 x Tub of Chirpycakes Pandan Gula Melaka cookies 
- 1 x Hand poured scented candle of your choice, 150ml
- Decorated Bamboo basket with lid (includes fresh flowers)

Scent Notes :

Vanilla of the East scent : Fresh | Sweet | Nutty | Musky

Peach Sorbet : Sweet | Floral | Fruity

Flowers may slightly vary depending on seasonal availability as we love using unique seasonal finds.